About Me

I have been in the social service field for over 25 years, and a psychotherapist for almost 20 years. I earned my Master´s in Social Work in 1993, graduating cum laude from the University of Illinois. I am licensed in the State of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which qualifies me to practice independently and to be recognized and reimbursed by insurance companies.  I am a consummate learner, and have sought (and continue to seek) additional education in hypnosis, ego-states therapy, Jungian theory, and spirituality.


I have been fortunate in my professional life, as I have followed my passions and interests. Before becoming a psychotherapist, I advanced through a series of positions at a therapeutic school for emotionally and developmentally delayed children. I learned about attunement, development, family systems and the inherent possibilities for change and growth no matter what.

As a therapist, I have also worked as part of a community mental health agency. This was an invaluable experience in diversity, in understanding a wide range of mental health concerns and in honoring the vast and deep impact of our life’s experiences.  I am forever humbled and grateful for the ongoing experience of trust, collaboration, and inspiration of souls who are driven and open to heal and grow.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
– Anais Nin

In private practice since 1997, I currently focus on working with adults in individual and family therapy who desire inner and outer manifestations of realizing deep authentic change.  I enjoy joining my clients in their journeys of exploring their shadows and fears; and their light, aspirations and unique gifts.  I enjoy the process of supporting my clients in unlocking their whole selves and unleashing their full potential.